A Gypsea Update!

A Gypsea update!

So we may be back home, but the diaries will still continue.

Gypsea Diaries is not just about our travel in Southeast Asia, it is our life and our way of being. After coming home we realized that our “Gypsea life” actually started when we went to Paris for Mariah’s 16th Birthday. This trip was memorable for various reasons, it was where Nicole reclaimed her femininity, where Mariah fell in love with travel and adventure. But most importantly it was our first big adventure together and what made it amazing was that we chatted and walked every corner of the city holding hands.

That trip 5 years ago planted the seed from which Gypsea Diaries grew. Since Paris, we have travelled together and apart consistently all the time evolving uniquely our perspectives on life, love and everything in between. While Southeast Asia was the catalyst for us to bring everything together the conversations started long ago and will continue well into the future.

So what does that mean for us two Gypseas and this process we have set in motion? Well we think that there is still much dialogue to be had and we think we can hopefully help to be catalysts for these conversations. We will continue to write our streams of consciousness sharing with you our thoughts and hopefully provoke thought and conversation…