For many of us, the Tuesday after Labour Day marks the return to school, the return to routines.

For the first time in 25 years, my kids are NOT returning to school. They are done! OMG they are done!!! There is something bittersweet in their done-ness. While on the one hand I always dreaded the first Tuesday in September because it meant that we had to return to the disciplines, pressures and routines of school and extra-curricular activities, I also LOVED knowing my children were still ‘at home’. While in school my kids would always be within arms’ reach. Now, 2 of the 3 are living on their own. I am celebrating the Labour Day weekend alone at the cottage – no one is within physical arms reach. Thanks to our mobile technology they are all within constant reach – but for me its not the same. We are on to a new chapter and while I know I should be embracing it, the change is dramatic.

When my kids were within arms’ reach, when they were in school I was not a ‘typical’ parent (I am still likely not typical).  I would routinely pull them out for a few hours, a day and maybe even a week to participate in some adventure. This was much to the chagrin of other parents and teachers who never really understood the method to my madness. You see, though I expected my children to give school their best effort, I did not expect them to be straight A students. My expectation was that they be A+ people.  There is a fundamental difference.

I expected and still expect that when they commit to something they need to give it their all however more important to me than anything else is that they are good to each other, to everyone around them and to greater humanity.

Have I raised perfect children? Absolutely not. I am certainly NOT a perfect mother. But what I am is humble, mindful, hopeful and passionate. So in the process I have tried very hard to raise A+ people. Very subjectively, I think they are A+.

Imagine if we all just strove to live A+ lives, raise and be A+ people…imagine