I used to write leadership articles all the time and then I stopped. I stopped because to be perfectly frank, I lost my mojo. In my mind, I need my mojo to believe I am a good leader. And I lost my mojo because I listened to the voices of others. The voices of a Holding Company Exec who I never pleased, some team mates who kept asking for more and more and more when the grass was already far far greener and a home life that was unhinging my perceived reason for being as my children transitioned from being “children” to adults. In the span of less than a year as the preceding was all happening, I joined a new partnership to lead a start-up division, bought a cottage, sold the beloved home that my children and I raised each other in, moved into the city to a house that did not deliver on expectation only to have to renovate and now choose to downsize and move again, and fell into and then out of an intense personal relationship (choosing not to elaborate)!!! A LOT OF CHANGE!!!! All of these changes combined, I lost my mojo. I used the word unhinged above and I think it is the best word to describe the reason I lost my mojo. Everything that I had previously relied on to ground me had and continues to shift and with it my mojo – my inner confidence that had at one time delivered great success was lost. But its coming back because I am determined!

For all of this, I take accountability. In each case I was an engaged participant if not the driver. Some circumstances more in my control than others but I was/am accountable nonetheless. I have identified why I became unhinged, I have identified what I need to do to change my life and achieve my goals at work and home so that I re-hinge and regain my mojo!

So why this article? Why as my first foray back into “leadership” writing am I writing about accountability – because if one more person comes and complains to me about others – be they team mates, leadership or people in their lives not taking action/being accountable I am going to shoot myself!

Accountability is everyone’s job. If you are a leader, if you want to be a leader then own it. Stop complaining. Accountability is in your job description – its implicit. If you want something done and its important then do it. Its that simple and if you complicate it then you are making excuses. If you are not prepared to do anything about something that is bugging you then stop complaining. And if someone else raises their hand to fix or address something and you didn’t then either pitch in or get out of the way.

Abrupt, tough, hard to hear, hard to read – maybe. I am looking myself in the mirror and taking accountability and suggesting others do the same. Either I lay it on the line or shoot myself! I am taking accountability and so I decided its better to lay it on the line!!!