Definition of delicious (according to Websters dictionary)

1: affording great pleasure

2: appealing to one of the bodily senses especially of taste or smell a delicious meal, delicious aromas


Seems fitting to write a blog about “delicious” on Thanksgiving weekend. And yet it is not about the abundance of truly delicious food around me that is the catalyst for this blog. Its actually due to the abundance of other delicious things in my life.

Delicious is not a word I have ever used to describe anything but food. However, in my circle of friends, particularly those who truly appreciate and cherish their family, their friends and their blessings, delicious is a word that they carefully use to describe sacred moments. Their use of the word has always made me pause for a moment to gain full appreciation for what they are describing. At times it has actually made me uncomfortable – why would you use the word to describe anything but food? This uncomfortable response has made me realize I need to pause more, chill more, savour more, realize the truly delicious moments in my life more.

Its been an intense few years. Aaahhh, its been an intense life! I need to actually be more in the moment and truly savour the deliciousness of it.

I wish that for all of us on this Thanksgiving weekend. I wish us all some delicious moments.