A MUST READ – High-performing women pay a steep price for success
October 2, 2018
October 8, 2018

A MUST read for everyone. The results are unfortunate and don’t even capture the full magnitude of the impact of work on women who are trying to be their best selves. Add a 50% divorce rate, single parenthood, being advised to lean in, health challenges,…I think we all get the point. The MeToo movement started in response to gender discrimination but what’s worse is that we are sometimes doing this to ourselves – women do not always support and back women – why? Add to this that the next generation is making different choices; delaying marriage, children,…and their judgment of our lives and decisions wreaks further havoc as they are often more ego-centric. Challenging times for us. I will admit I am tired. Imagine if we were all kind and inspired each other. You know that feeling when someone says “you look nice”, “great job”, … perhaps if we gave that to each other regularly imagine how much happier, more buoyant, productive and inspired we would all be. The possibilities are endless. Think about it as you head into your day.

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