Living and Working…with Me!

Phew, it’s been quite the few days. Actually its been quite the week. Really though, quite the month. Oh man it was quite the year….Aaahhh fuck-it its been quite the life!!!!


And because I LIVE, life and work with me is well you know, busy, unexpected, eventful, lively, frustrating.

When I do depart from earth it will be kicking and screaming because there will still be things I want to do and see. Missing out on an opportunity to have dinner with my kids, breakfast with a girlfriend, a great meeting with inspired people, an adventure, a great walk in the snow, a dive in the water, a view of the deer that walked in front of the cottage window, a great glass of wine, a hot cup of fresh coffee cradled in my hands, the gushing smile of my son when he asks me to listen to a new song, or my youngest who calms a room the minute he enters and the sound of my girl’s  voice which gives a confidence to go beyond and make my wildest dreams come true,…missing any one (and there is more) of these….makes me anxious inside, sad, and sometimes frustrated that there simply are not enough hours in the day. I live relentlessly and as a result, our life is overflowing.

For years when I was interviewing people I provided 3 principles which applied when you joined our organization. However, as I enter into this chapter of my life and create this new co with my sons and consider finding a romantic life partner, I have come to realize that these 3 principles are in fact my principles for living and working with me. A revelation that may save several, personally and professionally the time to research, check references or ask me on date (!?).

Here they are:

  1. We/I are not saving lives. I am not an MD. I cannot actually in the medical sense, save a life. BUT I can make the lives of others and those around me better and I expect the same from those in my circle.
  2. I will provide the tools to live and work with me. I am transparent. I share. And hopefully I will give you everything you need. I expect you to grow and add value and if you need more you need to share/tell me.
  3. No two days, 2 hours, 2 minutes, 2 seconds,…will be the same. You will never be bored. Life is rich with possibilities. Live or perish. Of the 3, this is probably the most challenging. My daughter does tell me to “do less” and I am trying. But as I enter into this new business venture with my sons, success is our only option and I am so inspired by their energy and talent and the amazing. people and projects around us that I am bursting.

For the first time in my life I am truly happy through to my core, the deepest, darkest pockets of my being are bursting.

I want to make room for people to join us, personally professionally. I am sharing because I think all of us want this – to make room, to have the best of others connect with the best of ourselves. And I think we are sometimes challenged to explain these. With clarity on my own principles I invite you to get clear on yours.

And for those who want to join me on this journey – now you know where I stand. Guns a blazing, I can promise its quite the ride!