NAG Notes – Opening doors

Not sure why this has become a thing for me but it has – and its irritating!!! I have been watching to see who opens doors and who waits for them to be opened. And I mean physically vs metaphorically however I do think there is a correlation.

Here is what I noticed. Some people never open doors. Okay maybe not never but they wait to see if someone else is going to open the door first. They literally walk slower or pull back as they approach a door. They fumble on their phone, try to figure out how to manage their coffee, or purse/satchel (all of which are resting on their shoulders and are not in their hands). When it appears that no one is going to step up or they think its going to take far too long for someone to come along and open the door,  they reluctantly extend their hand. I am not sure if they are aware of their actions or not.

Then there are those people who, although they do not have any special needs, have a need to push the big circular open door button. Maybe its because they fear germs (I will give them that) or maybe its because they are like those noted above who don’t want to open the door either.

Then there is me. I will actually open a door I am not even going through in order to help another person. I open doors when my hands are overflowing. I open doors for my team, my peers,…you name it. I even open car doors – when there is a bunch of us jumping into a cab I routinely go to the far side and get in leaving the closer side for others.

My Dad commented lately that he has noted that manners are becoming a lost art – I have to agree. Its the niceties like opening a door that are gentle gestures of respect. So simple.

Okay that was a rant more than anything else but I think that there is a correlation between opening physical doors and metaphorical doors. And I have noticed that people who open the physical and the metaphorical doors are one in same. And those who open neither the physical or metaphorical doors – are also one in the same!!!  Silly observation? Possibly but watch and see for yourself. And please open the door – physically and metaphorically – it would make the world a much nicer place.