Being Human in an Ever Developing AI World

April 27, 2018
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May 1, 2018

Being Human in an Ever Developing AI World

Side by side in my mailbox, 2 newsletters that I subscribe to appear. One from Robin Sharma titled, “How to be Human” and the other from Cramer (a US Agency) titled, “Generative Intelligence (AI): What it is and Where its going.”

I must admit “AI” = Artificial Intelligence, freaks me out. It freaks me out because from my limited knowledge, computers and robots are a few short years away from being proactive and intuitive. And I am not sure what that means. For example, when we arrive home from work and walk into our homes, our typical patterns/triggers will have been recorded and analyzed so that as we enter, the lights are on, the temperature is just right, mood enhancing music is playing, dinner is in progress or complete, the clothes we want to change into are ready waiting and the shower goes on as we head into the bathroom to rinse off the strain of the day. And then I wonder, what will the strain be? Will we even be “going to work”? What will work be? Will I be arriving home to a robot or perhaps other intelligent devices (Google, Alexa) that will have have used sound or sent some kind of direction via wifi to the devices in my home as proactively/intuitively required. Will everything be orchestrated around me? Will I be the puppet or the puppeteer…Hmmmm

As these thoughts cause my blood pressure to rise, I calm myself with the video blog from Robin Sharma on being human. His point is to reclaim the simple moments that bring us such great pleasure and ground us in our ever busy, ever connected world. He refers to the warmth that you find in small towns as people so easily smile, say hello, and offer huge hugs when they see someone they know. The simplest of gestures; so real, so authentic.

The older I get, the more I am retreating to the simple, non-technical, life. While it is true I love technology and am a slave to my phone (in my never ending need to be connected easily 24/7 with my loved ones), I don’t want my every move analyzed and proactively managed by an inanimate algorithim triggered by my presence. I know its happening and its likely too late…but is it?

We the humans are still in control so perhaps we need to take a few steps back before the sci-fi world becomes our reality (and it is becoming our reality). I want to ensure I am the puppeteer. And I want to ensure that the magic that makes us human, the magic of life and relationships and smiling and holding hands and “breaking bread”,… is never lost. In fact, did we not design all this technology with the goal of making our lives easier – are we achieving that goal? The intelligence of being human is NOT artificial. We need to find some balance as we delve into all these new worlds. As I type I realize the Googles, Elon Musks,….of this world all have technology that is light years ahead of anything I can possibly imagine. But it is not technology that appears on “Vision Boards”. It is images of family, homes, travel, adventure,….There is nothing artificial about the images pasted together on poster board that inspire us to “seize the day”. There is nothing artificial about human touch and all its power – and I am ever thankful for every moment I get.


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