The Gypsea in Me!

I was sitting on a plane when I came up with the idea for Gypsea Diaries. I literally pulled out my laptop and wrote the intro, tears running down my cheeks. I sent it to Mariah and asked her what she thought, would she be interested, was this a good idea,….And here we are writing it – nearly 9 months later!

When Mariah was accepted to participate on an academic exchange I asked if I could meet her for a month and we could travel together throughout South East Asia. Thankfully she said yes and we proceeded to buy all the requisite travel books to make our trip exceptional! And true to form we reviewed them all and then proceeded to book/solidify plans 1-2 weeks before I arrived or on the fly. Hence my self naming as a ‘gypsea’. Mariah and I tend to travel on the fly.

I have always been impulsive and spontaneous. For the most part this has served me well and my children know this means there is never a dull moment. For others, specifically life and business partners this has caused some challenges because they never know what I am thinking and will my thoughts take us off course. The answer is Yes – Yes, I am always thinking and Yes, we will be going off or rather evaluating other courses. Isn’t life more interesting this way? Isn’t this the path that leads to great discoveries and revelations? That said what has made me crazy is that the essence of these thoughts/ideas are rooted in my commitment to the greater plans/vision. Unlike a real Gypsy I have a strong foundation and have always committed to a vision, a business plan, a family plan – these are what root me and my thinking. These visions and plans are a catalyst for the creative musings of my mind – these musing are what add the colour and the vibrance and what set us and how we execute the visions and plans apart.

Steve Jobs, Einstein, Richard Branson and the list could go on,…all amazing men, all noted for fits of “crazy”. I am not putting myself in the same league but what I am suggesting is that it is the crazy ones, the ‘gypseas’ that make life interesting!!!

And its funny as Mariah and I have been touring temples we have come to fall in love with some of the historical and religious symbols and very specifically the Apsara. The Apsara are technically gypsies from another day and time. They danced and provided entertainment for everyone. We love their whimsy and now both wear Apsara necklaces. These necklaces and other memories of these magical gypsies remind the two of us to ‘dance every day’!

What sets Mariah and I apart from the Apsara and traditional gypsies is our cerebral discipline to life – we match whimsy with wisdom.

So, to all the eyebrow raisers and those who we drive crazy – sorry, no intent to make you crazy. If we drive you crazy and you have no interest in us then let us go and leave us be! If however you have a vested interest or a love for us then patiently and gently listen to us and through a positive conversation share your constructive thoughts. It is likely that we gypseas will adjust our ideas and/or the adventure we are contriving as a result, but to do so we need to be accepted for who we are, and with the understanding and positive acknowledgement we will take your thoughts into consideration and devise an even better plan.

Not sure where Gypsea Diaries will take Mariah and I and our loved ones. While this was a formal adventure – Gypsea is how we live everyday! It’s who we are and unapologetically,…it makes life amazing!