XM = The Secret of Happiness!

Okay I may be over-stating…I’m a marketing person after all!  But there is some truth to the comment that XM = The Secret to Happiness. Experiences are the secret to happiness. So, think about this…

If we are in the business of marketing brands.

And if consumers (you, me and everyone else) are consistently proving in research, in our social media feeds,…that what we love more than anything are experiences because they give our lives, content, meaning,….stories,…

Then doesn’t it make sense that if a brand wants to connect meaningfully and sustainably with a consumer it should create relevant, shareable, immersive experiences?!?!?!?!?!?!

Research continues to show that all of us are spending more of our money on experiences than on things. Because:

  1. Experiences last – they are immortalized within our very being, they are indelible. Things fade, age, often need to be replaced,…
  2. People who have more frequent social interactions/experiences live longer
  3. Most experiences stimulate some type of learning or a fresh perspective – which makes life more interesting and amazing (mostly 😉 )
  4. Experiences breed more experiences – we try, we share, we try something more or something else and it keeps going. Experiences have a ripple or snowball effect and the momentum is infectious
  5. Great experiences deliver ROI – investment, imagination, inspiration,…I could go on and on

Experience really is the new advertising. Hence the reason a few years ago I coined the term Adversperience = the convergence of advertising and experiential marketing.

Bottomline, this is a secret we can unleash – so lets get to it!